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Mission Statement


TJU founder, Erick Gonzalez is creating Deer Mountain as a sustainable living model of spiritual land stewardship that will serve many purposes in 10 business projects.  Each business project  provides an ideal setting to bring together a diverse range of visionary leaders, consultants, indigenous elders, teachers, scientists and scholars.


The 4 Visions of Deer Mountain:









To Create--

a self-sufficient green energy sustainable living community that serves as an educational model, spiritual model and healing center model that can be replicated, duplicated and adapted for other community projects worldwide.


To Produce--

a sacred space and knowledge sharing space for indigenous elders of all nations, wisdom keepers, healers, scientists, engineers, visionaries, scholars, students, teachers, youth, inventors and educators to share, exchange and learn knowledge in a wide spectrum of subjects from indigenous knowledge, ceremonies and histories to new pioneering sustainable technologies, alternative energies, organic farming, green houses, seed banks, medicines, wildlife gaming ranches, eco-villages, youth camps, healings, spiritual retreats.


To Provide--

profound experiences that will help individuals to look at themselves, their life, and their relationship to our Mother Earth and Spirit and to integrate their talents and gifts in their contributions of life.


To Build--

a consortium of resources to network with other sustainable communities, green developers, alternative energy contractors, builders, suppliers, manufacturers, scientists, alternative energy leaders & visionaries and lobbyists who share like-minded values to preserve our fragile eco-systems, reconnect with nature and return to the community lifestyle values of health and wellness.

Rodger-- green_building@sbcglobal.net   (818) 431-1683
Heddi Neale-- HeddiL@gmail.com  (530) 459-3471