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10 Deer Mountain Business Projects

Deer Mountain Center is in development of creating a multi-phase department operation that integrates worldwide strategic partners in commerce projects for networking, marketing, expanding and cross-promoting sustained living with green energy renewable  systems. 


While some of these pictures below depict other operations from other affiliated businesses, these pictures are used to convey the ideas, implementations and integration to develop Deer Mountain Center into a truly innovative and visionary green energy, sustained living spiritual center.


Deer Mountain Center is creating a worldwide consortium of other like-minded organizations, foundations, associations, institutes, temples and churches to assist in creating a networking green energy sustained living model and forum for education, teachings, healings and community programs. 


(Click Here) Hydro Plant Planning and Organizational Structure


     The Eigg Electro Hydro, Isle of Eigg  
                 Special Green Island
        Mercy Hydro System, Nova Scotia




Deer Mountain Center is in development of creating a Hydro-Electric dual plant system that comprises 2 independent systems.  The Hydro-Electric plant is designed and engineered by Eagle Ranch Construction, Inc. to be a revenue making operation to sell the  HE energy to PPL, formerly known as PP&L or Pennsylvania Power and Light.


The two (2)  Hydro-Plants will produce electrical energy from waterpower using a hydroelectric installation equipped with a turbine and generator providing an output of up to 200 kW.   The hydroelectric power plants are installed in a housing and connected to the water flow using inflow and outflow pipes.  It is fitted with special foundations designed to receive the turbine and generator.


Business plan developments show the Hydro-Electric plant return on investment (ROI)  to be within 4 to 5 years. The first HE system runs year round at 46 KW Kilowatt hours.  The second plant runs during the 6 month winter cycle at 150 KW (kilowatt hours).  This second plant also regulates and controls the ponds that are used during the summer months for drip irigation for the crops.





         Bison Ranch, Wyoming
     Patterson Ranch, Three Sisters, OR
              Lazy K Ranch, Reno NV
  Hedgeville Organic Cattle Ranch, Canada




Deer Mountain Center will begin its Green Ranch operations as soon as the Hydro Plant systems are in place.   The Hydro-Electric plant will regulate and create an overflow system where several large ponds will be created for drip irrigation systems to water the crops, grains and different grasses to feed the ranch animals.  


Buffalo, Cattle, Horses, Lamas and additonal animals will be brought to Deer Mountain Center.   The Lamas will provide the wool for making specialized Lama wool blankets.  The organic feed cattle will create a market for selling the organic meat to local markets and regional meat distributors.


The Green Ranch will also have specialized barns will be built with apartmernts on the top floor for ranch hands/personel.  Solar panels and micro-film technologies will be used that are interfaced into the renewable Hydro-electric plants for selling renewable energy to PPL and having green energy power for Deer Montain's energy needs....


The Green Ranch follows the same standards as the organic farm in the methods to cultivate chemical-free produce and livestock, which is complemented with the highest standards of animal care and in accordance as certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Organic farming and organic ranching is highly principled, and is quickly gaining popularity because of the dangers inherent in current agri-chemical practices.  


All the ranch operations strive to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. 


The Green Ranch operates using holistic, sustainable methods of raising crops and livestock that are central to the organic philosophy.   It is a return to the standards that our ancestors were familiar with and an area of importance for ecological and geological balance for all wildlife, flora, fauna.  All the land is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study and maintaining of reserved areas for biota including fish, waterfowl and other animals.


   Hale Akua Organic Farm, Maui Hawaii
  Paradise Organic Farms, Homestead, FL
        The Stanford Inn Organic Farm
                   Mendicno, CA




Deer Mountain is in develpment to create an innovative organic agriculture system that combines traditional and indigenous knowledge with innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote healthy nature relationships for a good quality of life for all involved.


Deer Mountain supports the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements where an agricultural production system sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.  Using applied sciences and indigenous knowledge in crop rotation, compost, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation and green manure to maintain soil productivity and control pests, excluding or strictly limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators, livestock feed additives, and genetically modified organisms using ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to natural conditions.


Deer Mountain is creating a new organic farming business model that merges a synthesis of knowledge and wisdom of indigenous elders in organic farming and integrating this with frontier sciences in horticulture, permaculture, botany and alternative green energy power systems.


Deer Mountain is forming strategic partnerships for the research and development of state of the art technologies in renewable and sustainable energies generated from natural resource such as solar power, solar hot water/heating wind power, rain, hydroelectricity, geothermal, and biomass energy which are re- newable.

   Royal Greenhouse, Laeken, Belgium
     Kew Greenhouse, London England




Deer Mountain is developing a greenhouse farm program where geodesic garden domes are solar powered glass greenhouses with computer controlled equipment for screening installations, heating, and lighting outfitted with integrated irrigation systems.  Renewable energy is an important option for Deer Mountain such as hydro, solar, wind, and biomass are all viable choices.


The glass used will work as a selective transmission medium for different spectral frequencies and will increase the solar electro- magnetic radiation energy which heats both the plants and the ground inside it.  The major benefit of constructing greenhouses in Deer Mountain is to be able to grow food year round without any hinderances from winter or harsh climate.  The Solar Green- houses can be outfitted with integrated irrigation systems, and/or heat sink-systems which can respectively irrigate the plants or help to store energy from the sun and redistribute it at night (when the greenhouses starts to cool down).

     Genetic Resource Center Seed Bank
                   Manila, Philippines
    Collecting Seeds on the Banks Of The




An organic seed bank program will also be developed in conjunction with the green house farming.  A seedbank is a type of gene bank for storing seeds as a source for planting food crops, or those of rare species to protect biodiversity and preserving rare or extinct plants used in traditional and indigenous medicine. 



The seeds stored may be food crops, or those of rare species to protect biodiversity. The reasons for storing seeds may be varied.  A seedbank stores seeds as a source for planting in case seed reserves elsewhere are destroyed.  In the case of food crops, many useful plants that were developed over centuries are now no longer used for commercial agricultural production and are becoming rare. Storing seeds also guards against catastrophic events like natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, or war.  Seeds are dried to a moisture content of less than 6% and then stored in freezers at -18C or below with little damage to their DNA and they remain viable and are easily stored in seedbanks.

        Circle Of Life Thunderbird Center
                  Manitoba, Canada
        The Christine Center, Willard WI
  Eastlake Garden Center, Willoughby, OH




Deer Mountain’s Conference Center will be located in the 8 Dome Center and is being developed as an ideal location for gathering and training, teachings and professional team building with conferences, seminars, retreats, symposiums, workshops, youth camps, corporate team building and more.  It is designed to rejuvenate the spirit, stimulate the mind and enhance the body.


All indigenous cultures, belief systems are welcome including the traditional and frontier sciences that are bridging science and consciousness.   Deer Mountain serves to connect people to the natural and spiritual world, and to bridge the wisdom of the indigenous elders with frontier sciences so that the diversity of life can flourish for future generations. 



Deer Mountain’s Conference Center will enable a diverse range of programs from event producers, corporate clients, sponsors, strategic partners and affiliates to provide retreat, educational and spiritual programs. The Conference Center serves a diverse range of needs, outlets, networking, educational, healing, indigenous teaching and science integration.  Various types of events can include a diverse range of day, weekend and week-long spiritual events, retreats, workshops, conferences with a wide range of amenities included from food, lodging, Deer Mountain depart- mental programs, healing and sanctuary retreat resources and more.


The Conference Center operates as sustained-living model to a wide consortium of sponsors, strategic partners, affilates, organizations and other like-minded who are interested to share community programs and abundance in sustained living. 


Deer Mountain’s 1700 acres are perfectly suited to connect to nature, spirit and human development where group reflection, creative thinking and corporate teambuilding can be integrated into any type of conference event.  From green energy eco-systems and sustained living, renewable technologies to developing leadership programs in youth camps, any type of conference and retreat program can be held at Deer Mountain.

   NM Healing Center, Chartes Labyrinth
  Hanaq-Pacha Spirit Retreat, Cusco Peru
    Christine Spiritual Center, Willard WI




The Healing Center works with many types of elders, teachers, healers, including indigenous shaman, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, chiroprac- tic, Unani, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, acupuncture, diet-based therapies and many more. 


The Deer Mountain Healing Center is seeking to expand its network with alternative healers, shaman, medicine men, naturopaths, energy workers, mystics, healers and a wide range of medical practitioners, medical providers, researchers and scientists.   Practices may incorporate or base themselves on native healing, spiritual beliefs, folk knowledge, traditional medicine in conjunction with newly conceived approaches to health, vitality and healing.  Such an integration of an expanded global network allows a greater ability to exchange knowledge, become a vehicle to provide diverse range of healing services and become a center of greater learning and greater contributions to health and vitality. 


The Healing Center works closely with the Conference Center to develop workshops, seminars, conferences and spiritual gatherings within Deer Mountain's healing programs and services included in kiva's, sweat lodges, arbors and ceremonial gatherings.  The Healing Center sees many approaches and systems that can be used to restore health in holisitic processes that explores the interconnection between the mind, body, and spirit. 


Practitioners and clients can teach, practice, and learn healing arts in a wide range of modalities-- Mind-Body medicine where the mind can affect bodily functions and symptoms; Biologically based practices that use substances found in nature such as herbs, foods, vitamins and other natural substances; body-based practices that feature manipulation or movement of body parts as in chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation; Energy medicine as a domain that deals with putative and verifiable energy fields; Biofield therapies that influence energy fields that surround and penetrate the body; Biofield therapies that  influence energy fields that surround and penetrate the body.

    Clearwater Forest Youth Camp
                Deerwood, MN
Master Samdong Rimpoche Teaching Kids
                Tibetan Youth Camp
           Bumikahyang Youth Camp
                West Java, Indonesia
           River Ranch Youth Camp
               Cascade Mtns, WA


youthcamp2bumikahyanganwestjavaindonesia.jpgyouth81aaa.jpg youthcamp21cut.jpg 


Deer Mountain Youth Camps are being developed as a visionary multi-cultural program designed to teach youth groups of all ages and ethnicities about the roles and functions of leadership.  Young people of all ages can learn all phases in eco-energy, food, farming, sustained living and ranching with innovative hands-on applications.



Youth groups can also learn from indigenous elders, wisdom keepers in a wide spectrum of subjects from indigenous knowledge, ceremonies and oral histories.  The indigenous elders help the children to look at themselves, their life, and their relationship to the Mother Earth and Spirit and to integrate their talents and gifts in their contributions of life.  Kids can also learn new pioneering sustainable technologies, alternative energies, organic farming, green houses, seed banks, medicines, wildlife gaming ranches, eco-villages, youth camps, healings, spiritual retreats.



Sponsors, affiliates and strategic partners can provide a wide range of youth camp services and program development including assistance for scholarships, farm apprenticeships and training programs for kids to learn sustainable living practices and operate an exemplary organic farm with green houses and seed banks; learn wildlife ranching and operate as ranch hands; operate sustainable technologies; learn from specialists in straw bale construction; solar and hydro electricity systems and eco-landscaping; expand into youth camp leaders and more. 



The Deer Mountain Youth Camps function as a mentor program to help children of all ages and cultures to acquire values, habits, strenghts and capabilities for self-direction, self-improvement and for their eventual contributions and leadership into their main- stream social structure.  Children can experience many things in nature and transition this experience into their daily lives.  


The Youth Camps are designed to create new opportunities for children to learn new skills, develop leadership abilities, receive coaching, mentoring and develop training & presentation skills.


9.  Eight Dome Center



8 Dome Center is the designated area on Deer Mountain that has 8 large domes configured into a sacred geometrical design.  The domes are arranged into a circular outer perimeter that creates a sacred geometry circular center  with a nature energy vortex with gardens, walkways, landscaped architecture and an outdoor half dome amphitheater.


While each of the 8 domes has its own business operation, service and management, each dome has an integrative living regenerative system that comliments DM's sustainable living model systems.   Each dome has a separate front entrance.  Each dome also has a separate rear entrance that leads into the center area of gardens, walkways and sacred geometry vortex.



The 8 domes are large round building structures made of earth-based materials with earth-based living roofs.  Architectural design elements are underway to review all available options in structural support, earth reso- nance materials, thermal designs, exterior skin finish

                                        D O M E    B U I L D I N G   D E S C R I P T I O N


1.   Dome One-- Administration Building

Deer Mountain Administration Building houses all DM management and field operations from organic farming; green house; horse and cattle ranch; fish hatchery; sales and marketing; maintenance; workshop, seminar and conference programs; youth camps.


2.   Dome Two-- Healing Center

Deer Mountain Healing Center operates several programs, spiritual retreats and healing sessions involving integrative healing modalities in mind, body, spirit applications.  From Organic farming, medicinal herbs, rangeland eco-systems to animal husbandry to indigenous practices, sweat lodges, fire circle ceremonies, the healing center offers many programs for rejev- enation, purification, healing and cleansing. 


The rear entrance leads to the garden center where medicinal herbs and medicines are grown allowing interaction programs with clients in the Healing Center programs. 


The healing center also interfaces and coordinates with the Ceremonial Center located in another section of Deer Mountain with its indigernous-based ceremonies involving sweat lodges, medicine lodges, open arbors, roundhouse,  ceremonial altars.  These places of sacred geometry work with the elements to create the conditions for healing and spiritual connection.



3.  Dome Three-- Conference Center

Deer Mountain Conference Center has full-service operations for all types of retreats, workshops, seminars in a conference center environment.  From Stage set-ups with audio and video equipment, to multi-media capabilities in performance-based events, the DM Conference Center provides a wide range of capabilities. 


The rear entrance goes directly to the outside garden center with the closest walkway leading to Half Dome Outdoor Amphitheater allowing conference events to take place in outside performances.



4.  Dome Four-- Kitchen/Organic Cafeteria

The Deer Mountain Kitchen/Cafeteria provides organic food meals to staff, clients and all event program personnel.  The full-service commercial ktchen uses all produce, dairy, meat, grains, fruits and vegetble products grown on Deer Mountain.  The rear entrance has a outdoor food court with  tables and chairs section for eating outside overlooking the garden centers. 



5.  Dome Five-- R & D Science Center

The Deer Mountain R & D Science Center is a research center and lab for the Seed Bank research, Green House technologies; soil and macrobiotiocs in organic biofarming resesarch; Indigenous knowledge integration with new technology; experiments; research and workshops with university programs.  The rear entrance into the garden centers allows research personnel, college students and interns a creative environment for problem solving, discussions and networking.



6.  Dome Six-- Half Dome Amphitheater

The Deer Mountain Half Dome Amphitheater is an outdoor amphitheater located in the center of Eight Dome Center.  All the domes have rear entrances that merge into walkways in the garden centers that lead to the Half Dome Amphitheater.  The outdoor amphitheater has outdoor seating, staging with lighting and audio and public address systems for concerts, performances, lectures, keynote addresses.




7.  Dome Seven-- Deer Mountain Store & Art Gallery

The Deer Mountain Store and Art Gallery  has 2 separate areas but allows easy navigation to enter into each area.  The Store is primarily farm produce, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains.  The Art Gallery has a diverse range of indigenous art,  DVD's, CD's and hand crafted works from artisans and craftsman.




8.  Dome Eight-- Dormitory and Bathroom/Shower Building

The Deer Mouintain full-service dormitory facilities includes bathroom, shower and locker room facilities.


The Deer Mountain Dormitory is a lower cost housing for Deer Mountain clients, workshop patrons and interns.  It is an alternative lodging center for a wide range of Deer Mountain projects and service programs designed to keep costs down for both short term and long term housing needs.

        Eco Village Nature Sanctuary
               Findhorn Foundation
    Serene Lake Eco Village Cottages
      Dodanduwa Lagoon, Sri Lanka
    The Hobbit House, West Chester, PA


healingcenter23aa.jpg healingcenter22a.jpg ecovillage16aa.jpg


The Deer Mountain Eco-Village is being developed to create a model of a socially, spiritually, economically and environmentally sustainable human, green energy settlement using eco-friendly buildings, renewable energy use, waste management and cultivation practices all integtrated in alignment with the 9 Deer Mountain departments.  



The Eco-Village will be on 100 acres that will serve as a green energy model to promote sustainable living practices, sustainable buildings and systems.  Designs are underway to include 4 phases of construction of green energy homes.  Material design systems can include straw-bale building, earth plaster, biomass thatch, reedbed systems, solar and hydro electric energy, recycled waste systems, organic gardens.  The residents of the Eco-Village will be part of the visionary model to incorporate services and spiritual commerce to develop business around those activities that can provide a livelihood for the Eco-Village inhabitants.



The Deer Mountain Eco-Village is developing a consortium of experts and consultants including an advisory board, a home- owners association and green developer that will all work together to create the Deer Mountain visionary, green energy residential community.   


Many elements are being created to establish a community association where guidelines and directives are maintained to keep consistency and equality.  Many factors such as buying and selling eco-homes, building materials, designs, permaculture, energy systems, waste management, energy recycling, landscaping are being developed to create a standardization for the visionary green energy Deer Mountain Eco-Village.







Rodger-- green_building@sbcglobal.net   (818) 431-1683
Heddi Neale-- HeddiL@gmail.com  (530) 459-3471