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A formidable opportunity has arisen from the complexities of turmoil and breakdowns in the oil cartel, health cartel and agriculture cartel.   All of the top economists see turbulence with the rise in failing banks, busted brokerages, toppled corporate giants, bankrupt cities, states in default, foreign creditors cashing out of US  securities.   Many corporate infrastructures, banks, city and state governments are in the midst of financial collapse with swelling budget deficits, record trends in cutbacks with scaling down and cost cutting measure.   Many CA employees are losing faith in the American dream and losing hope with their employers as they are forced into early retirements, mandatory furloughs, job losses, higher cost of living, decline in residential home values and rising unemployment rates.

World economists, financial market specialists, and think-tank economy experts are all saying that community development projects and programs that foster energy independence, self sustaining community living, community gardens, organic farming and alternative energy are essential for transforming America's economic dependence into a new business paradigm. alternative energy are essential for transforming America's economic dependence into a new business paradigm

A.   TJU Acquires Deer Mountain

In March of 2007, Tinamit Junan Uleu (TJU) acquired the 1700 acres-- Deer Mountain™ land located in  Montague, CA.  TJU is developing Deer Mountain™ with its diverse and expansive business projects  and programs into a branded intellectual property to be trademarked and marketed making Deer Mountain an international icon of sustainable model of spiritual land stewardship.  Economic development and planning are underway for developing and launching Deer Mountain into a self-sustained renewable green energy and integrated eco-community with a diverse range of programs & business projects.

B.   TJU Connects People to the Natural & Spiritual World

Tinamit Junan Uleu Inc  (TJU) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit CA spiritual institution and public charity established in 1996 to connect people to the natural and the spiritual world and to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones so that diversity of life can flourish for future generations.  Tinamit Junan Uleu's Mayan  translation is "Earth Peoples United."  TJU) was created to develop new community models of living  by designing and building self-sustaining, renewable green energy, integrated eco-communities that  include a diverse range of integrated community projects, programs and services.  TJU serves as an educator, promoter, economic developer to build participating consortiums, develop strategic partnerships, and create endowments to fund new sustainable models for community living in spiritual land stewardship.

C.   Deer Mountain Location

The land at Deer Mountain is located in the unincorporated area of Montague, CA seven miles south of the Oregon border.  Neighboring Copco Lake, which was formed in 1917 by damming the Klamath River, there is a small subdivision of about 150 homes.  Klamath River is a popular attraction for fishing and  whitewater rafting.  The property contains two historic cabin sites predating 1884 and one home site  that includes a barn and a shed.

D.    Deer Mountain Land Description

Set amidst beautiful trees with diverse ecosystems that include an abundance of Oaks, Junipers, Incense Cedars, and Ponderosa Pines, Deer Mountain encompasses 1700 acres of spectacular views  of mountains meadows, wooded areas, creeks, springs and scenic views of Copco Lake and the Klamath River.  Deer Mountain land is zoned as an agricultural property, ranging in elevation from 2,600 to 4,000 feet.  The land is very unique in its biodiversity with multiple influences from the eastern desert, Cascades Range's basalt and lava flows, and the Siskiyou Crest-- a unique mountain range running eastwest serving as a biological corridor for plants & animals throughout the Pacific Northwest.   Deer Mountain is the ideal site for reconnecting with nature where it is already inhabited by many of  our relatives-- bears, cougars, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, squirrels and birds, including bald and golden eagles.  

E.   Deer Mountain History of the Land

The Deer Mountain land is rich in history from the diverse cultures that lived, hunted and traveled  through-out the fertile valley.  The Shasta and Modoc Indians hunted elk, antelope, and deer and navigated on Deer Mountain with its plentiful creeks, springs and abundant wildlife. Neighboring Pilot  Rock, which can be seen from Deer Mountain was the guiding stone to help people find their way     from one valley to the other.  This  was an abundant and sustainable area for the band of the Shasta who had their village center which is is now Iron Gate Reservoir. 

The legends say that you could see miles and miles of fish racks and plants drying, all up and down  the creeks and the rivers. The Shasta Indian women were gatherers, and used ceremonial fires to  ensure good harvests of acorns and Camus (a type of edible lily), as well as a way to keep the forests healthy.   Ceremonies were regularly held to ensure healthy relationships with the plants and   animals that the people depended on. In 1994, an ancient Salmon ceremony was brought back by a     Shasta tribal elder of the Applegate River area. The following year, Fish & Game Department official  counted more salmon than there have ever been in recorded history.

F.   Deer Mountain Watershed

Deer Mountain owns the riparian water rights on the land.  It is part of the watershed of the Klamath  River. This sacred land holds the incredible gift of springs, creeks and aquifers that hold the source of  Life-- "Water."  There is a major green movement with Federal and County funding to preserve and to clean up and restore the Klamath River due to its unique biodiversity.  


G.   Intellectual Property

Tinamit Junan Uleu (TJU) also owns, Patziapa, a Ceremonial & Healing Center in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala which was purchased in May, 2007.  Patziapa serves as a unique spiritual business model to integrate ceremonial & teaching centers, organic food and medicine gardens, green energy and sustained living technologies, indigenous knowledge, spiritual retreats and conference events that bring  people all over the world to share indigenous traditions, world cultures, music, art, dance and language. TJU will use its success strategies, worldwide network marketing, inventions & intellectual properties to brand Deer Mountain and its Business Projects into an international icon.

Designs and Inventions

Deer Mountain is designed & constructed to operate as an educational organization for other  communities worldwide to learn its unique eco-community business projects serving as a model in the engineering, construction, management, operations and administration systems.  Deer Mountain  is expanding its worldwide network with strategic partners to participate in a new sustainable living programs that working harmony with the nature and the earth with its inhabitants.

Global Positioning

TJU is positioning Deer Mountain and its Eco-Community Business Projects as a train- ing and retreat center with many programs attracting an international clientele.   TJU is bridging the latest sciences and  technologies in  organic  agriculture farming, ranching animal husbandry, green houses and eco-village design systems with indigenous knowledge of elders from  nations all over the world. 


Workshops, seminars, program curriculums, youth camps, conference retreat events are produced in collaboration with a diverse consortium of strategic alliances in various green agricultural practices, green building, and alternative energy programs. TJU has created indigenous affiliations with a vast international network of tribal elders, wisdom keepers, spiritual leaders and elder councils from nations all over the world.   Promoting, teaching and protecting the indigenous wisdom teachings and integrating  this knowledge with self sustaining eco-community living has enabled TJU to develop, and expand its intellectual properties with the interest of global strategic partners. and expand its intellectual properties with the interest of global strategic partners.      


International Network


TJU is continually developing & expanding new strategic partnerships, alliances and is forming consortiums with green energy construction companies, green energy   engineers, eco-system experts, watershed boards, water management consultants, permaculture experts, biofarming consultants, green building councils, alternative  energy manufactures and distributors, green energy lobbyists and educators, green building developers, county and state municipal departments, utility energy providers, and a large international network of indigenous elders, councils and wisdom keepers. and a large international network of indigenous elders, councils and wisdom keepers.and a large international network of indigenous elders, councils and wisdom keepers.

Property Brands

TJU serves as a resource and educational center for developing and expanding green energy projects in its network of strategic alliances and working with the top visionary  and maverick leaders in the green energy industry. Deer Mountain's intellectual  properties are designed, operated and marketed to construct new business models in its innovative Deer Mountain eco-system business projects that include:

  1.  DM Hydro-Electric Plants
  2.  DM Shop/Barns
  3.  DM Organic Farm
  4.  DM Horse & Cattle Ranch
  5.  DM Green House Farming
  6.  DM Animal Husbandry
  7.  DM Indigenous Ceremonial Ctr
  8.  DM Fish Hatchery/Ponds
  9.  DM Green House Eco-Village 1    
10.  DM Honey Bee Keeping   
11.  DM Home Association Eco Village 2
12.  DM Seed Bank
13.  DM Youth Camps
14.  DM Fruit Orchard
15.  DM Rangeland Conservancy  
16.  DM 8 Dome Spiritual Center
17.  DM General Store
18.  DM Fruit Stand
19.  DM Natural Resources
20.  DM Event Catering

Rodger-- green_building@sbcglobal.net   (818) 431-1683
Heddi Neale-- HeddiL@gmail.com  (530) 459-3471