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Organic Farm

Deer Mountain Center is in development of creating a multi-phase department operation that integrates worldwide strategic partners in commerce projects for networking, marketing, expanding and cross-promoting sustained living with green energy renewable  systems. 


While some of these pictures below depict other operations from other affiliated businesses, these pictures are used to convey the ideas, implementations and integration to develop Deer Mountain Center into a truly innovative and visionary green energy, sustained living spiritual center.


Deer Mountain Center is creating a worldwide consortium of other like-minded organizations, foundations, associations, institutes, temples and churches to assist in creating a networking green energy sustained living model and forum for education, teachings, healings and community programs. 

   Hale Akua Organic Farm, Maui Hawaii
  Paradise Organic Farms, Homestead, FL
        The Stanford Inn Organic Farm
                   Mendicno, CA




Deer Mountain is in develpment to create an innovative organic agriculture system that combines traditional and indigenous knowledge with innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote healthy nature relationships for a good quality of life for all involved.


Deer Mountain supports the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements where an agricultural production system sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.  Using applied sciences and indigenous knowledge in crop rotation, compost, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation and green manure to maintain soil productivity and control pests, excluding or strictly limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators, livestock feed additives, and genetically modified organisms using ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to natural conditions.


Deer Mountain is creating a new organic farming business model that merges a synthesis of knowledge and wisdom of indigenous elders in organic farming and integrating this with frontier sciences in horticulture, permaculture, botany and alternative green energy power systems.


Deer Mountain is forming strategic partnerships for the research and development of state of the art technologies in renewable and sustainable energies generated from natural resource such as solar power, solar hot water/heating wind power, rain, hydroelectricity, geothermal, and biomass energy which are re- newable.

Rodger-- green_building@sbcglobal.net   (818) 431-1683
Heddi Neale-- HeddiL@gmail.com  (530) 459-3471