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Eight Dome Center



8 Dome Center is the designated area on Deer Mountain that has 8 large domes configured into a sacred geometrical design.  The domes are arranged into a circular outer perimeter that creates a sacred geometry circular center  with a nature energy vortex with gardens, walkways, landscaped architecture and an outdoor half dome amphitheater.


While each of the 8 domes has its own business operation, service and management, each dome has an integrative living regenerative system that comliments DM's sustainable living model systems.   Each dome has a separate front entrance.  Each dome also has a separate rear entrance that leads into the center area of gardens, walkways and sacred geometry vortex.



The 8 domes are large round building structures made of earth-based materials with earth-based living roofs.  Architectural design elements are underway to review all available options in structural support, earth reso- nance materials, thermal designs, exterior skin finish

                                      D O M E    B U I L D I N G   D E S C R I P T I O N


1.   Dome One-- Administration Building

Deer Mountain Administration Building houses all DM management and business operations in organic farming; green house; horse and cattle ranch; fish hatchery; sales and marketing; maintenance; workshop, seminar and conference programs; youth camps.   The Admin building facilitates humans resources, employee and internships, payroll, legal, accounting, event scheduling, coordination with all business projects, investors and strategic partners,


2.   Dome Two-- Healing Center

Deer Mountain Healing Center operates several programs, spiritual retreats and healing sessions involving integrative healing modalities in mind, body, spirit applications.  From Organic farming, medicinal herbs, rangeland eco-systems to animal husbandry to indigenous practices, sweat lodges, fire circle ceremonies, the healing center offers many programs for rejev- enation, purification, healing and cleansing. 


The rear entrance leads to the garden center where medicinal herbs and medicines are grown allowing interaction programs with clients in the Healing Center programs. 


The healing center also interfaces and coordinates with the Ceremonial Center located in another section of Deer Mountain with its indigernous-based ceremonies involving sweat lodges, medicine lodges, open arbors, roundhouse,  ceremonial altars.  These places of sacred geometry work with the elements to create the conditions for healing and spiritual connection.



3.  Dome Three-- Conference Center

Deer Mountain Conference Center has full-service operations for all types of retreats, workshops, seminars in a conference center environment.  From Stage set-ups with audio and video equipment, to multi-media capabilities in performance-based events, the DM Conference Center provides a wide range of capabilities.  The rear entrance goes directly to the outside garden center with the closest walkway leading to Half Dome Outdoor Amphitheater allowing conference events to take place in outside performances.



4.  Dome Four-- Kitchen/Organic Cafeteria

The Deer Mountain Kitchen/Cafeteria provides organic food meals to staff, clients and all event program personnel.  The full-service commercial ktchen uses all produce, dairy, meat, grains, fruits and vegetble products grown on Deer Mountain.  The rear entrance has a outdoor food court with  tables and chairs section for eating outside overlooking the garden centers. 



5.  Dome Five-- R & D Science Center

The Deer Mountain R & D Science Center is a research center and lab for the Seed Bank research, Green House technologies; soil and macrobiotiocs in organic biofarming resesarch; Indigenous knowledge integration with new technology; experiments; research and workshops with university programs.  The rear entrance into the garden centers allows research personnel, college students and interns a creative environment for problem solving, discussions and networking.


6.  Dome Six-- Half Dome Amphitheater

The Deer Mountain Half Dome Amphitheater is an outdoor amphitheater located in the center of Eight Dome Center.  All the domes have rear entrances that merge into walkways in the garden centers that lead to the Half Dome Amphitheater.  The outdoor amphitheater has outdoor seating, staging with lighting and audio and public address systems for concerts, performances, lectures, keynote addresses.




7.  Dome Seven-- Deer Mountain Store & Art Gallery

The Deer Mountain Store and Art Gallery  has 2 separate areas but allows easy navigation to enter into each area.  The Store is primarily farm produce, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains.  The Art Gallery has a diverse range of indigenous art,  DVD's, CD's and hand crafted works from artisans and craftsman.




8.  Dome Eight-- Dormitory and Bathroom/Shower Building

The Deer Mouintain full-service dormitory facilities includes bathroom, shower and locker room facilities.


The Deer Mountain Dormitory is a lower cost housing for Deer Mountain clients, workshop patrons and interns.  It is an alternative lodging center for a wide range of Deer Mountain projects and service programs designed to keep costs down for both short term and long term housing needs.

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