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Horse & Cattle Green Ranch

Deer Mountain Center is in development of creating a multi-phase department operation that integrates worldwide strategic partners in commerce projects for networking, marketing, expanding and cross-promoting sustained living with green energy renewable  systems. 


While some of these pictures below depict other operations from other affiliated businesses, these pictures are used to convey the ideas, implementations and integration to develop Deer Mountain Center into a truly innovative and visionary green energy, sustained living spiritual center.


Deer Mountain Center is creating a worldwide consortium of other like-minded organizations, foundations, associations, institutes, temples and churches to assist in creating a networking green energy sustained living model and forum for education, teachings, healings and community programs. 

2.  Green Ranch
         Bison Ranch, Wyoming
     Patterson Ranch  3 Sisters, OR
              Lazy K Ranch, Reno NV
  Hedgeville Organic Cattle Ranch, Canada




Deer Mountain Center will begin its Green Ranch operations as soon as the Hydro Plant systems are in place.   The Hydro-Electric plant will regulate and create an overflow system where several large ponds will be created for drip irrigation systems to water the crops, grains and different grasses to feed the ranch animals.  


Buffalo, Cattle, Horses, Lamas and additonal animals will be brought to Deer Mountain Center.   The Lamas will provide the wool for making specialized Lama wool blankets.  The organic feed cattle will create a market for selling the organic meat to local markets and regional meat distributors.


The Green Ranch will also have specialized barns will be built with apartmernts on the top floor for ranch hands/personel.  Solar panels and micro-film technologies will be used that are interfaced into the renewable Hydro-electric plants for selling renewable energy to PPL and having green energy power for Deer Montain's energy needs....


The Green Ranch follows the same standards as the organic farm in the methods to cultivate chemical-free produce and livestock, which is complemented with the highest standards of animal care and in accordance as certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Organic farming and organic ranching is highly principled, and is quickly gaining popularity because of the dangers inherent in current agri-chemical practices.  


All the ranch operations strive to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. 


The Green Ranch operates using holistic, sustainable methods of raising crops and livestock that are central to the organic philosophy.   It is a return to the standards that our ancestors were familiar with and an area of importance for ecological and geological balance for all wildlife, flora, fauna.  All the land is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study and maintaining of reserved areas for biota including fish, waterfowl and other animals.

Rodger-- green_building@sbcglobal.net   (818) 431-1683
Heddi Neale-- HeddiL@gmail.com  (530) 459-3471